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Search methods for the website

  • Search via the search box in the top left corner at our homepage. You can fill in any search word to try and find a product you are interested in or you are searching for. 

search methods

As an example we are using the search word: 'etiket 26x12'. You can select 'search' or wait for the options to appear below. Is the first or second option the product you are looking for? Please click on the product. Are there no products you are looking for in the appeared search options? Please click the search button for alternative options. 

search words

  • Search via the alphabetical menu by randomly selecting one of the letters OR the first letter of the product you are searching for. 


As an example we are using the search word: 'etiket 26x12' by clicking the letter E. If you have clicked the letter E, the page below will appear in your screen. This page consists of all categories that start with the letter E. To find the 'etiket 26x12', you have to scroll down a bit and the category with 'etiket 26x12' will appear. Please select the category to find all types of labels 26x12mm.

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